What We Do

The Training Program


Our training approach is extremely hands-on to allow participants to experience the tools and methodologies and apply them on their business opportunities,

Our Approach


We tailor our training offering towards your business by partnering together to address your current business needs and opportunities for improvements,

The Team


We are experts in both Lean Six Sigma and Change Management. Using our interactive teaching methods we make our training sessions very lively and fun!

Training Sessions


White Belt

This is an introductory course that provides an overview around the fundamentals of lean. This includes lean’s main methodology and tools proven to be the most beneficial / commonly used by practitioners around the world. 

Participants will gain an awareness of the continuous improvement culture. 

Yellow Belt

We design a customized training that best responds to your organization business needs in Lean & Sustain.

Possible Topics:

•Process Mapping •Practical Problem Solving •5S •7 Waste •Continuous Improvement  •Visual Management  

Green Belt

An in-depth training on major lean tools and their use within the DMAIC framework. This robust training is optimized when participants enroll with a project to engage in conjunction with the course.

 Some Topics Covered: 

•Charter  •Voice of Customer •Data Collection  •7 Waste  •5S  • Process Flow, Root Cause Analysis  • Solution Selection Techniques • Kaizens •Project Leadership  •Change  Management   

Blue Belt - Champion

This is a course designed specifically for those managing lean practitioners. It will equip you to better support your team and organization in the lean journey. 

Participants will focus on topics such as:

•Project Identification & Prioritization  •Kaizens  •Change Management  •Visual Management  •Continuous Improvement   

Change Management & Facilitation

So often, change management is neglected in the lean journey. This is a critical aspect to incorporate at the beginning of an initiative and through the lifecylcle of a project  to ensure adoption and successful outcomes.

Some Topics Covered: 

•Facilitation •Chartwriting •BluePrintfor Change •Case for Change  •Compelling Vison  Communication